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Video Editor Job: Create The World’s Most Beautiful Online Courses If you want to work on stunning videos that you're proud to show the world… If you're ready to trade the uncertainty of freelance work for a stable long-term position... If you want your videos to be seen by millions of people... And if you want to do it all in the perfect work environment... Then this page could literally change your life! But only if you keep reading. Who Are We? iPhone Photography School is the world’s leading mobile photography resource. Selling instructional videos generates all our revenue, so our goal is to make our videos as beautiful as our photos. We shoot our videos at amazing off-site locations and generate hours of stunning footage. We need your help to turn the footage we've shot into world-class online courses. But what's in it for you? Why would you want to join us? 6 Reasons To Get A Video Editor Job At iPhone Photography School 1 Edit The Most Beautiful And Engaging Videos You've Ever Created Most instructional videos are static, plain, and to be honest, poorly shot. But that’s not how we approach our videos. Our goal is to produce engaging videos that are a pleasure to watch. Creating extremely beautiful and engaging video content is a key part of our company's strategy. Sure, our videos have some talking head shots. But they also have plenty of stunning B-roll and are fun to watch. What this means for you is that you'll get to edit videos where every frame looks like an outstanding photograph. And they will never be boring. On the left is an example of one of our recent videos. Below is an example of one of our recent videos. 2 Get A Stable Income You Can Count On If you’re like most video editors, you probably don’t enjoy looking for clients too much. Even if it's just checking if your old client has some more video work for you (for the 100th time), this process is stressful and exhausting. Besides, being a freelancer comes with huge uncertainty. Some months you get to work on projects you absolutely love. Other months you can be editing awful reality TV or boring corporate videos. And sometimes it can be a struggle to find any work at all. Join our company, and you’ll get a competitive salary every single month. You’ll never have to look for new clients or side gigs again! 3 Millions Of People Will See Your Videos Have you ever poured your heart and soul into a video that only a few hundred people will ever see... and even fewer people will care about? That can be crushing. Fortunately, our videos reach a huge audience. Over the past 365 days, our videos have been viewed 25,007,433 times. And the reception of these videos has been outstanding. Work with us, and millions of people will see and enjoy your work. 4 Stay In Control Of Your Own Time Many production teams like to set unrealistic deadlines for when the footage has to be edited and ready to go. You're then forced to put in inhumanely long hours to meet the challenging deadline… Only for a new one to be set for the next task. We don't work like that. We plan for reality, not fantasy. Besides, our video editors know everything they’ll have to do in any given week in advance. And we stick to our plans. This means you can schedule your time however you want, as long as you get the job done. 5 Endless Opportunities To Grow No one is born a great video editor. You got to where you are today by continuously learning, experimenting, and picking up tricks from the best in the business. We understand how important growth is for video editors. As an education company, we live and breathe learning. You'll be expected to spend paid time improving your skills and getting better at what you do. And we'll pay for online courses and books that will help you get better. 6 Brilliant Teammates We know that talented people like you want to work with other highly talented people. Our videographers are top-notch, our on-camera talent is world class, and you'll be working alongside other magician video editors. Our team has some of the most inspiring people you've ever met. But it won't be easy to get in. On average, we only accept 1 out of every 500 applicants for any position at our company. Can you make it past our selection? Here’s What We Expect From You You have significant experience editing videos professionally You’re extremely proficient with DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro or Avid You’re great at color correction and editing sound You're organized and pay close attention to detail You have a fast and stable internet connection of at least 100 Mbps This is a 100% remote full-time position. Due to time zone differences, we won’t be able to hire applicants residing in Australia or the eastern parts of Asia. If you delay submitting your application, someone else will be hired before you.

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